• Jenny
  • 2020-03-19 22:39:24
  • 教育

The more savvy the child is in these areas, the less prosperous it is to hint at growing up

Parents want their children to be good, Hong Kong universities sensible, and less troublesome. Actually, it is understandable. After all, parents have to work hard for the livelihood of the family and also face the complex social network between adults. They are already overwhelmed. If the children are not obedient and sensible, it will make their lives worse. However, I feel that the growth of the child has his own rules. He cannot be young, and he is impeccable and sensible. Children are sensible, although happy. However, sometimes the child is too sensible, which means that there is no principle of tolerance and lack of self, and it is difficult to grow up to be productive.

The more savvy the child is in these areas, the less prosperous it is to hint at growing up

In my opinion, the cup is full when everything overflows. In the process of raising children, parents should be alert to their children being too sensible. The more sensible the children are in these areas, the more unproductive they are when they grow up. Parents need to pay attention and don't be blindly happy.

The child is too modest, always trying to please the people around him and doing things against his will

Some children are very sensible. As long as the people around them are happy, study in Hong Kong they will do things against their will. Get along with brothers and sisters, they will not go head-to-head with their brothers and sisters, even if they have been wronged. Guests from home want to take away their toys. Send it out ... The child knows how to be modest and cares about the feelings of others, although it is valuable. However, the child is also an independent and affectionate person. If he has always ignored his true emotions and paid too much attention to the feelings of others, he will be difficult to become an adult and achieve success.

Children are easy to compromise in the face of authority and dare not express their true ideas

Other children, who are easy to compromise in the face of authority, do not dare to express their true ideas. Maybe they look good and obedient, but at the same time they represent their weakness and lack of courage. Parents ask them to eat dishes that they do n’t like, they will eat obediently, they wo n’t resist; the teacher gives them unfair treatment, and they do n’t say a word ... the child dares not to speak in front of the authority, and may be able to get one. Well-known reputation. However, the child is obedient to the authority, and it is easy for the authority to lead his nose without expressing his true thoughts at all. In the future, it will be difficult for him to achieve his own career, and it will be harder for him to keep his own interests and make a profit.

The child does not bother others, and solves everything by himself

If the child shows extraordinary sensibility, he does not bother others and solves everything by himself. Parents should also not be blindly happy, which may imply that the child has grown up. We live in a social environment that requires collaboration. In any case, it is difficult for a person to think of working alone and not working with others. Therefore, parents should teach their children, top universities in hong kong small things should try to solve their own problems, do not blindly carry on big things, too sensible.