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Nine steps explained by Royalt carpet cleaning

Nine steps explained by Royalt carpet cleaning

This is Samson with Royalty Steamers and Iam going to walk you through the steps inour carpet cleaning process.

Once we get to your home we will have youwalk us through the areas you want to havethe carpet cleaned.

We will listen to your concerns and find outwhat problem areas you are worried about.Then once you have decided to have RoyaltySteamers do the carpet cleaning, we will pre-vacuumwith a commercial quality vacuum cleaner toremove the dry soil from the carpet so thatis does not get turned to mud.Carpet Cleaning

Then we are going to pre-condition the carpetwith a safe and effective carpet cleaningsolution that will help break up the greaseand dirt and get it ready to be extracted.Next we will scrub or agitate the carpet whereneeded to help it clean up better.We have a couple of different tools we canuse for agitating the carpet.

The first is a carpet rake.We can also use and RX-20 rotary jet extractorwhich does an excellent job on lighter coloredcarpet that is matted or has a very heavytraffic lane.The next step is the steam cleaning processwhich is called hot water extraction.This is where we rinse the carpet and extractall of the grease, grime, dirt, soil, andother contaminants out to our van.

The last step is where we work on any stubbornspots that may not have responded well tothe general cleaning.We will use some more aggressive cleanersto try and improve those areas of the carpet.Lastly we can apply a carpet protection productsimilar to Teflon or Scotchgard which willgive the carpet back some of its repellencyand keep it looking great.

All of our service is backed by our Risk-FreeRoyal Service Money-Back Guarantee.Some of the other services we perform areAir duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, ceilingcleaning, dryer vent cleaning, pet odor removal,tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning,water extraction, flood clean-up.

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